Leak is no longer performing as a group, but the music still goes on…
An alternative rock project based in Orange county California, The group consisted of Mike Miller (Keyboards & Vocals), Thomas Corsaut (Guitars & Vocals), Craig Williams (Bass & Vocals) and Steve Symington (Percussion & Vocals).
The group has been described as sounding like “Phish without the hippie” or “Everything that No Doubt is not” These strange analogies come from listeners that have been continually challenged and surprised from one song to the next by LEAK.
The music itself is a cross genre blend of influences, ranging anywhere from Pop to Metal then beyond. Many songs individually can be heard to have multiple combinations of styles within them.
The band members arranged their music to satisfy both the listeners and themselves as performers. LEAK consisted of four musical devotees that were determined to create music that was as hypnotic and entertaining.

Please enjoy the live jam sessions recorded during the many hours leak rehearsed and recorded in-studio.

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More music can be found at: Houserulesmusic.net